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Apache Blog

The purpose of this Blog is to share our experience and knowledge of the home poker market.  We have been selling casino and poker chips on the net since 1999.  Our office is located in Las Vegas and we have inside contacts with all the major casino chip manufacturers.



Private Cardroom No Cash Value Set

We just got the OK from Paulson for a full set of Private Cardroom No Cash Value chips.  They will look exactly the same as the current grey chip.  We will have a pre-sale as low as $.79 each starting soon.  Click here to purchase.



Paulson Essay Contest

I am looking for someone to write an essay for my site about the history and quality of Paulson Poker chips.  The essay can be around 500 words and needs to explain why Paulson chips are the best money can buy.  The winner will receive a $100 gift certificate to be used on Paulson poker chips.

We have two entries so far.



Global Gaming Expo

The Global Gaming Expo will be held in Las Vegas from 11/14 - 11/16 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.  It is the best show in Las Vegas.  Most of the major chip suppliers will be there.  Do yourself a favor and try to make it.



Paulson Hot Stamps

We jut got the OK from Paulson that we could do a line of Hot Stamps.  We could do a group buy where the price would be $.79.  I want to see how many people will be interested in this.  We could do the lame starburst or a custom line.  If anyone would like to design the hot stamp for us we will pay well.  I will need Pre-Sales of at least 35,000 chips before I go ahead with this.  For a larger hot stamp we could use the JB mold or for a smaller stamp we could use the Trademark mold.  Also JB or NPS edge spots could be used.  Paulson will not let us do solid colored chips.




D'Apache Code

This code might take a while to break.  We are giving away the Holy Grail of poker chip prizes.  Have fun with this contest!


Join the CC&GTCC for free!!!

Until further notice we will be running a special for free membership to the Casino Chips & Gaming Tokens Collectors Club.  If you collect poker & casino chips you should be a member.

Click here to learn more.



James Bond Plaques

We will be adding $5,000 & $25,000 plaques to the James Bond line.  The plaques will be the size of a credit card.  We should be able to ship them by 5/20/06. 

Special---First email I receive gets a $5,000 plaque free.  Steven Nichols has won the contest!


New Paulson Home Poker Chip Set

We are pleased to announce the first new Paulson home chip set for 2006!

Paulson was extremely flexible and allowed us additional options in the edge spot patterns and colors.  After weeks of playing with spots and colors for this "2nd Generation" home chip set, Paulson likes them! We love them! And we think you will to!

We have commissioned John Faulhaber to design an inlay for this set. You may have seen John's work on many sets including our very own Deadwoods and Key West chips.

Apache Poker Chips has joined forces with Holdem Poker Chips as exclusive retailers for this new Paulson set.  Expect to see the inlay design in a week or two and a pre-sell offering immediately there after.

Please check back for updates.


Card Covers

We have just added a Card Covers page.  We feature actual casino chips in an Air-Tite holder.  Each collectable chip is in uncirculated condition. 


Caesars New Poker Room

Caesars just opened their new poker room on Wednesday.  It is a giant room with 35 tables right next to their incredible Sportsbook.  They did not have a Poker Room since the late 80's. 



2 Chips 2

For a limited time we will be offering one of each of the new Deadwood and Key West poker chips for only two cents.  These chips came out great and we want to share them with you.  If you are having any doubt of which set to buy for Christmas this special will help.  Click here to get the chips.



Matsui Group Buy?

I really want to do a Bud Jones chip but Paulson will not allow it.  I might have to go with Matsui.  The chip would be a replica of the World Series of Poker chips used in tournament play.  One obstacle is the very high price.  These chips are very expensive.  I will need at least 20,000 pre-orders at $1.15 per chip.  If you are interested let me know.  I have several Matsui samples and I think they are great chips. 



Poker Players Alliance

Rarely do I join organizations but I felt it was very necessary to join the PPA.  The PPA is trying to keep online and home based games legal.  Make sure you go to their website to read more.  As an online merchant I had to join.  If you are a home player you might want to join as well.


Matsui Gaming

Last week Matsui ordered 100 Paulson and Blue chips from me.  They also wanted my opinion on their new clay chip.  I told them that the chip was slippery and had an overall cheap feel to it.  Hopefully they will have their engineers study the Paulson chip very hard.  Looks like it is back to the drawing board for Matsui.  It really goes to show that making a compression molded clay chip takes a lot of skill.


Deadwood Pre-Sale

We got a shipment date from T.R. King so we will be starting the Deadwood Pre-Sale.  Without question this will be one of the finest poker sets available. 


Bud Jones Poker Chips

I was hoping to surprise everyone this Christmas with a set of Bud Jones chips.  While at the G2E conference I spoke with Paulson about getting an order in.  Since the Bud Jones & BNG lines were never tainted with fantasy chips they will not do a line for the home market.  They also said that the Bud Jones line is more expensive to make than a Paulson chip.



I was going to add a line of Horsehead chips but when I found out ASM would revive a long dormant H-Mold we jumped on the chance to use a true classic.  Just about every casino in Las Vegas used the H-Mold in the 1950's.  I was looking for timeless art that would make this chip look like something actually used fifty years ago.  I think you will agree John Faulhaber designed one of the best looking chips you will ever see.  When all the art is finalized we will start the Pre-Sale. 


Matsui Gaming Machine

On June 15th I was contacted by MGM regarding their new clay poker chip.  I was very excited and asked for samples.  As of today I am still waiting for those samples.  I contacted their Las Vegas sales rep and asked what is taking so long.  He informed me that mass producing a compression molded clay chip was a lot harder and expensive than they thought.  He said if they can't figure it out by the end of the month the project will be put on hold.  I would say you are more likely to flop quads than see a clay chip from them anytime soon.


Global Gaming Expo

The Global Gaming Expo will be held in Las Vegas 9/13-9/15.  If you are interested in everything about casinos this is the show you need to attend.  Every slot manufacturer will be showing off new machines and all the casino chip companies will be there.  Last year Clint Eastwood and Pele were there to promote their new machines.  They will also have a Food & Beverage exhibit serving unlimited supplies of gourmet food & beer.  It truly is the best show I have ever attended.  Even better you can get all the chip samples you want. 


Green Valley Ranch

The Green Valley Ranch has finally opened their Poker Room.  They opened yesterday at noon and all 110 seats were filled.  It is one of the nicest poker rooms in Vegas.  While you are waiting for your seat you can have a drink at the bar located right inside the Poker Room.  Since it is smoke free and only one mile from my house I will be playing there often.  I was also able to get several racks of uncirculated $1 chips and have them for sale at our Real Casino Chips page. 



T.R. King

For quite some time I have been thinking about giving T.R. King a large order.  What has always kept me from doing it is the large price tag.  King chips are the most expensive chip on the market.  With the high price also comes high quality.  If Paulson is the best clay chip then King is the second best.  Many people feel the King chips are better than Paulson.  Each and every chip is hand crafted by owner Dennis O'Neill in California. 

The Small Crown is the oldest mold that is still producing chips.  We wanted to give our new Deadwood line an old style look so T.R. King was the obvious choice.  To make sure these chips would look great we had John Faulhaber design the artwork.  It will be an eleven chip set from 25 - $25000 with 6 different edge spot patterns.  The chips will be available early October.


We can be reached at (702) 580-2582 from 9:00AM - 11:00PM Pacific seven days a week if you have any questions or would like to place your poker chip order over the phone.

Casino Quality Chips For Your Home Poker Game.

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