What is the best Tournament Poker Chip Set?

With so many fantastic poker chip sets out there it is hard to say what the best Tournament Poker Set is.  Notice I said Tournament, not Cash.  There is no way I would even attempt to pick the best cash set.

To help narrow things down I came up with this criteria:  appearance, casino, condition, & rarity.  In all honesty, nothing is more important than appearance, so that factor will be the most highest rated.

I narrowed it down to the following three sets:  Aztar, Stardust, & Wynn.

Casino Aztar

Aztar Poker Chip Set

Aztar chips are the best hot stamped chip out there.  The main problem with this set is they are hot stamped.  A lot of people either love or hate hot stamps.  I personally love them.  Just something about the way they shuffle and sound really makes them special.

Stardust Mansion

Stardust Poker Chip Set

The Stardust chips are one of the only chip sets I know of that features a T25,000 chip.  That alone makes this set rank very high.  This is one attractive set, but it does have a big problem:  they are from the wrong Stardust!  This set was used at the Stardust Poker Mansion in Canada not Las Vegas.

Wynn Casino

Wynn Casino Poker Chip Set

Collectors were blown away last month when the Wynn chips surfaced on eBay.  I was in awe myself when I saw them and could not believe the seller did not know their value and sold them as low as 29⊄ each.  One very luck guy snatched them all up and showed them off on the Pokerchipforum.

I finally saw the chips and was shocked at how nice they are.  Nothing is more important than appearance and this is the best looking set I have seen.  The T500 almost looks good enough to eat.  The chips are very rare and are in brand new condition.  Not only are these chips from Las Vegas but they are from the Wynn Casino.  The Wynn is one of the best casinos in the world and you are looking at the best Tournament chips ever made.

The Wynn chips are my choice and reflect what I find important in a chip set.  A playable Las Vegas casino chip set is very hard to come by.  Collectors and poker players both have an interest in these chips which makes them in high demand.  There are some great sets out there but in my opinion the Wynn chips are the best.

2 thoughts on “What is the best Tournament Poker Chip Set?”

  1. I had a chance to buy these! I had no idea what they were and couldn’t find them anywhere. I corresponded with the guy many times and he couldn’t provide me with the weight, so I thought they were bogus. DANG – I hate knowing I missed out on a deal!!!!

  2. Easily the Wynn! I’ve had the luxury to play poker at most casinos in Las Vegas; nothing comes close to the Wynn casino’s first, and their chips.

    Their style, colors, simplicity, feel & weight are just subpar. They shuffle pretty good too with great soft sound. Not too noisy nor too quiet.

    Would love to have a set of 300’s of them.

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