Casino Chip Convention 2016

Did you know every year the CC&GTCC holds a convention?  Do you know what CC&GTCC stand for?  It means Casino Chip & Gaming Token Collectors Club.  If you are reading this blog you are probably already a collector of casino and poker chips.

I have been attending these conventions since 1998 and every year my growing collection gets bigger.  This year many Poker Chip collectors were in attendance to add to their collection or try to finish off their old Vegas casino chip sets.

CCGTCC Casino Chip Convention 2016

Poker Chip Forum members:  41Pickup, AfterTheFact, Psypher1000, & Apache.

James Campiglia - The King of Casino Chips

Without question James Campiglia is the undisputed King of Casino chips.  He has one of the best collections of chips in the world and has made more rare discoveries than anyone I know.

CCGTCC Poker Chip Convention

One of the many tables at the convention.

Aladdin plaques and casino chips

Rare Aladdin London Club casino plaques.  (The $1,000,000 plaque was not there)

Buckets of Casino Chips

You could spend a whole day digging through buckets of chips.  (Jim Blanchard of ASM in the background)

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