Should You Oil Your Poker Chips?

Should you put mineral oil on your poker chips?  The answer is maybe.  We think not all chips need to have mineral oil applied.  If you just spent $1000 on a set of Paulson chips you want to make sure they retain their value.  When done right mineral oil will make your chips look and play better.

Used Paulson Chips With Mineral Oil

Before and after used Paulson chips

Which chips should be oiled?

China Clay –  chips like the Pharaoh’s will definitely see a lot of improvement with a coat of mineral oil.  Dunes & Majestic will shine up nice too.

Paulson – We do not advise putting oil on brand new Paulson chips.  Most of the time they will look nice right out of the box.  Used Paulson chips most of the time will benefit with some oil.

Clay Composite – These chips are mostly plastic and are already shiny and slick.  We do not recommend oiling them.

Ceramic – These chips are too hard and will not absorb any oil.  Do not oil ceramic chips.

Ready to oil?

Here is how we apply mineral oil to chips.

We start with putting 2 tablespoons of mineral oil in a large pot with one to two  gallons of warm water.

You can do up to 300 chips at a time.  Once the chips are in the water use your hands to mix them up for at least 30 seconds or until you can see them shine up.

After the chips are shiny put them on a large towel.  Get another towel and dry them off.

Here is the finished product.  We think it is a big improvement.  Again, each chip is different so use your best judgment.  The best way of all to oil your chips is the natural way.  That means heavy play at home so they will pick up oil naturally from your fingers.  That could take a while so mineral oil is always a good choice!

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  1. Never had any problems with majestics. I did have problems with Milanos but they also arrived with stickers off as well as some stickers came off after cleaning. But I didn’t think it was due to temperature problems in shipping. my Dunes are arriving today and I plan to do the same hopefully they should be fine. Josh and Apache poker chips are the best

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