Bank Poker Chips


Perfect for Board Games like 18xx or poker games.

Bank Poker Chips - .25 Bank chips $0.49
.25 Bank Chips
Bank Poker Chips - 1 Bank chips $0.49
1 Bank Chips
Bank Poker Chips - 5 Bank chips $0.49
5 Bank Chips
Bank Poker Chips - 10 Bank chips $0.49
10 Bank Chips
Bank Poker Chips - 20 Bank chips $0.49
20 Bank Chips
Bank Poker Chips - 25 Bank chips $0.49
25 Bank Chips
Bank Poker Chips - 50 Bank chips $0.49
50 Bank Chips
Bank Poker Chips - 100 Bank chips $0.49
100 Bank Chips
Bank Poker Chips - 500 Bank chips $0.49
500 Bank Chips
Bank Poker Chips - 1000 Bank chips $0.49
1000 Bank Chips
Bank Poker Chips - 2000 Bank chips $0.49
2000 Bank Chips
Bank Poker Chips - Train chips $0.49
Train Chips
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The Bank chips were made to be a versatile set that will work great with Board Games or Poker.  The chips are made by the same company that makes our popular Majestic & Royal chips.  The chips are solid clay and weigh around 10 grams each.

We were asked by members of last year to design chips for board game players.  Some of the unique features asked for were a 20 and 2000 chip.  Since many people will be using these chips for 18xx games we have a very light Train theme.  If you look closely at the mold you will see train tracks going around the chip.

Click here to purchase as sample set.

Apache Racks  will fit the Bank chips the best.

$1 & $50 chips will be out of stock till July.


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Weight .04 lbs
Dimensions 0.001 × 0.001 × 0.001 in

.25 Bank chips, 1 Bank chips, 5 Bank chips, 10 Bank chips, 20 Bank chips, 25 Bank chips, 50 Bank chips, 100 Bank chips, 500 Bank chips, 1000 Bank chips, 2000 Bank chips, Train chips


  1. frahminator (verified owner)

    Received my chips yesterday in the Phoenix, AZ metro. Very impressed with the feel, weight and quality of the chips. Highly recommend these!

  2. Christopher Peters (verified owner)

    I have had my chips for a couple months now. I am very impressed by them. Compared to other chips I have used (Iron Clays as an example), these are far and away better. Got 300 to cover nearly any board game including 18XX games. Love that they have 20 denomination as well!

  3. Ari M Samsky (verified owner)

    Very high quality, reasonably priced chips with a great, classic design. The purple 500s are especially nice. Perfect weight and feel. So cool to be able to get these!

  4. Terry Knipschield (verified owner)

    Apache hit it out of the park with these! Perfect for our home game. Great heft and feel, which will only get better when ‘broken in’ during play. This is the 2nd set I purchased from them, and service, packing and shipping has always been great. No better place to buy quality poker chips, in my opinion!

  5. indianajones2588 (verified owner)

    These chips are great. The ONLY complaint I have is that the color on the 100s is pretty variable. Some of them are a DARK black, some are closer to gray. Somewhat less noticeable with the 5s and 2000s. Otherwise, i could not be happier.

  6. MadCity13 (verified owner)

    Didn’t need to register as I’ve had my chips for a while now, but I wanted to leave a review because I love my chips! Bought these for 18xx games and they are worth it.

    50 x 1
    25 x 5
    25 x 10 (Originally did 50)
    50 x 20
    25 x 50
    50 x 100
    25 x 500
    25 x 1000
    25 Train Chips

    That is a 300 set to cover all 18xx games. My set added the 1,000’s later for overflow but can cut out 25- 10’s to substitute the 1,000’s or add 25 more 500’s. Either way more than enough to cover all games. The Train Chips can be for the odd denominations in some games(2’s in 1862 or 200’s in 1835, etc.).
    Easily fits in the aluminum 300 cases from many manufacturers.

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