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Cartamundi Casino Plastic Playing Cards - Red & Blue $12.50
Cartamundi Casino Plastic Playing Cards - Black & Gold $12.50
Cartamundi Casino Plastic Playing Cards - Brown & Green $12.50
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Cartamundi Casino Plastic begins with a proprietary sheet of plastic that has been created for maximum durability and memory. All of the inks used in the process have been meticulously tested to assure that CCP inks remain on the card and do not smear or become compromised in any way. The coatings have been tested to ensure the best feel and optimal slip for each and every deck. After the inks and coatings are applied to the sheets, and prior to the cutting phase, each and every sheet goes through a rigorous quality control process to eliminate any inconsistencies.

Decks are individually cut with a special die to ensure the perfect cut every time. The decks are then rechecked, one at a time, to guarantee that their quality surpasses customer expectations. Finally, each deck is wrapped with an easy to remove Cartamundi tear tape, sealed in a new suede feeling CCP box and packed out for shipment.

The decks come in a suede-feeling, gold-foil printed box. Cartamundi bridge size cards are 2.25″ x 3.5″ and have the standard index.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 0.001 × 0.001 × 0.001 in

Red & Blue, Black & Gold, Brown & Green


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