Majestic $5000 Plaque



This plaque is made by MSK and is 85mm x 55mm.  With a Royal theme it will work with just about any poker set.  This is one of the best looking plaques you will ever see.  


Additional information

Weight .10 lbs
Dimensions 0.001 × 0.001 × 0.001 in


  1. dmounty (verified owner)

    Having been enjoying my majestic poker chips and dealer button I thought I’d try adding a few plaques to my collection. In my case my value distribution and typical game size told me that 5 of these should be sufficient as a starting point. In short, these plaques are pleasant but not outstanding.

    Unlike the poker chips these didn’t have any sort of manufacturing residue and were definitely already looking their best when I received them. They all looked effectively identical without any inconsistencies of damage that I could discern. Given that I only have 5 it’s hard to speak generally about quality control but there were no issues with any of them.

    The feeling of the material is one area I felt they were lacking. The plaques feel sturdy enough and were nicely shaped but I’d prefer that they had some surface texture like the chips do; they feel very slick and are definitely as not pleasant in the hand as the chips. In the same vein the sound of them when handled is very plasticy. I suspect they’ll be durable but I’d have liked a little more weight and texture and less of the plastic feel.

    Regarding the general style and shape I am happy. They are a reasonable size (about the length of a stack of 25 chips) with pleasantly rounded edges and corners. They have no noticeable seams, joints or injection marks all of which is good. The only style aspect I don’t like is white interior layer. I think I’d have preferred a plaque that was a uniform colour all the way through or had a thicker white middle layer making them look more “balanced” from the side. I suspect this was a trade off to yield the design they wanted.

    The design is where these really stood out. The colour appears as a foil like, deep, rich orange colour under a thick transparent surface. This is complemented by a subtly indented region (the surface is flat, this is “inside” the plaque) in which the majestic logo and denominations sit. As with the majestic poker chips the graphic and text is excellent.

    Overall I enjoy having a few plaques, for the aesthetic they bring, but they don’t feel like a quality match for the chips themselves (given the price). For the most part, I think these will spend their time sitting next to the bank (for the look) rather than in play.

    Given that for the price of 5 of these I could have gotten 100 more poker chips I think I’d get more use out of the chips. If you are a plaque fan I’d definitely suggest getting one to see how they feel to you (the graphic and general design is excellent) and for some, I’m sure they’ll be a great addition.

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