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This is the staff choice as the best overall chip we sell.

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With the help from our friends at Chiptalk & the Poker Chip Forum we designed what we feel is the best clay chip available next to Paulson chips. Several months went into choosing exciting colors, an elegant design, and a classy mold. The chips are solid clay and weigh around 10 grams. This is the staff choice as the best all around chip we sell!

To make this chip set even better we also sell matching dealer buttons, jetons, & plaques. 

$.05, $.25, $.50, $1 $10, $100,$500 & $1000 chips will be out of stock till July.

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Weight .03 lbs
Dimensions 0.001 × 0.001 × 0.001 in

5¢ Majestic Poker chips, 25¢ Majestic Poker chips, 50¢ Majestic Poker chips, $1 Majestic Poker chips, $5 Majestic Poker Chips, $10 Majestic Poker chips, $25 Majestic Poker chips, $100 Majestic Poker chips, $500 Majestic Poker chips, $1000 Majestic Poker chips, $5000 Majestic Poker chips


  1. dmounty (verified owner)

    First of all: I like these chips and think they are good value for money; I bought some, then purchased a second batch (totaling 500).

    They came with a very light manufacturing residue which gave them a chalky, clay like feel. After use, or after cleaning, the residue goes and they feel somewhat less like “earth clay” but look more intense in colour. I tried applying oil to a few which did enhance their colour further but they got a plasticy sheen to them. After a couple of days of use however, the oiled and unoiled chips were indistinguishable. In short, it’s probably not worth cleaning or oiling them as after a few days of use you won’t be able to tell the difference anyway.

    Stacks of 50 were all within a 1/4 chip thickness of each other and the size and weight felt consistent. The labels were fairly well applied: all present and correct with about 99% perfectly centred though they are not aligned with the edge spots. About 1% of the chips had slight specs or streaks of colour misplaced on them but none significantly so. Only one chip had any sort of “dent”, in this case a small piece of one of the edgespots was missing showing the material beneath. Overall I’d say that’s a good showing from a quality control standpoint at the price.

    As for the feeling of the material, this is very much subjective. They have a nice sound when riffled or splashed. If you bump two stacks together you’d believe they were made of some sort of earth clay. Individually the feel falls between plastic, rubber and clay with a fairly matte surface. They have a dense, “dead” weight to them. They can be scratched if you apply some force. As a compression molded chip the colours of the chip and edge spots aren’t just superficial so scratches aren’t too visible even if you do make them. For me, a decent balance of durability and feel.

    The mold has a nice “crown and diamond” pattern with a very light texture (almost invisible to the naked eye) over the entire surface and a similarly fine texture on the stickers (presumably to improve friction when stacking). The colours are fairly bold with the red, green and black being especially striking with the purple being a little dull. The edge spot design is pleasant, as is the graphic on the sticker. Again, for the price a nice design and look.

    In play they stack, shuffle and move well. Stacks of 25 are very sturdy but once you get up to 50 they are getting a little less stable. I’ve stacked them up to 100 but wouldn’t feel confident that they wouldn’t fall if I was actively playing around them. Worth noting is that if you press them together firmly they almost “stick” slightly to one another stabilizing them further. Once more, they are very functional for the price.

    So long story short: in pretty much every dimension these are good for the price. They are definitely a good middle ground between the budget poker chips you see on sale everywhere around the holidays and the $1.50+ per chip high end options.

  2. hs batchelor (verified owner)

    The more you play with them the more you like them good good chip

  3. tripwired (verified owner)

    Terrific chips for their price range. I think the color combinations and the black inlays are really beautiful. I oiled mine with diluted mineral oil and the colors really pop. Really made a difference on the $5 reds. Just a good looking chip all around. I think for the money you can’t beat them. Unless you’re willing to jump up to the custom chip price range of around $800+ for a 500 chip set. The colors and sizing are all very consistent. The inlay stickers look great and were very consistent on placement. Also, there shipping was extremely fast. I received mine in three working days. Packaged very well. I also ordered the majestic dealer button which is terrific quality add looks great. I couldn’t be happier with my majestic set.

  4. Marlon

    I purchased the Majestic sample set in December of 2018. The set was shipped to me with some other samples, all packaged together in two ziploc sandwich bags. Some padding was added to the box, consisting of some crumpled newspaper.

    One chip, the purple $500, arrived broken. The yellow $1000 chip broke when I accidentally dropped the storage bag containing my majestics, from a height of about 3 feet, to a padded carpet. I’m concerned about the durability of the chips.

    The chips have a funky odor, like the Milano chips. That’s unfortunate, but hopefully it will go away. I believe washing and oiling the chips should help.

    Other than that, the chips are great. They feel good, look good, sound good, and they’re a good weight for traveling.

    I’m thinking about creating a set for use with 18XX board games, and have started to acquire labels for the $20 chips those games need.

    An 18XX gamer friend of mine has a set of them and recommends them. He was quite surprised at my durability question and told me how much abuse chips in his set have endured without problem.

  5. hazu (verified owner)

    Bought a set of 300 customized quantity chips last week and feel very happy with it. The shipped box came has been packaged very delicately, bulk loaded with a bunch of newspapers to keep the chips safe.

    Chips look nice, feel real and sound great when playing. I’ve also received some extra chips with higher denominations along in the package which was a very nice move coming from the provider.
    The drawback is that the chips got some funny, weird smell but you will find it fainted through times. Also, the white chips are very easy to get dirty and really hard to rip off these stains so you guys might want to watch out a little bit for that.

  6. Jermaine Pearson (verified owner)

    These chips are perfect.
    I have a cash set and a tournament set.

    Playing with these chips makes Playing with any other chips seems like a waste of time. After playing with these chips for so long you really appreciate having this chips when you don’t play with them. I’m even taking my chips to other games because it’s so much better, not having to remember denominations.

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