500 Argosy Casino Paulson Poker Chips


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This 500 chip set of Argosy Casino Paulson Poker Chips is for:

  • 50⊄ – 100
  • $1 – 150
  • $5 – 150
  • $25 – 75
  • $100 – 25

The Argosy is a real casino in Indiana.  These chips were never used there.  After an error was discovered the chips were sold from the Paulson retail store in Las Vegas.  The chips were overstamped so no one would try to cash them in the casino.  We removed most of the stamp but if you look close you can still see some of the gold stamp on the chips. Without question the chips look way better in person. The white $1 chip is one of the nicest $1 chips we have ever seen.

The 50⊄ chips have seen a little use but the rest of the chips are in brand new condition.  The chips are great but we do recommend buying a sample set first so you can see the condition of the chips.  Click here to buy a sample set.  If you are not happy with this breakdown we can be a little flexible.  We have a lot of $5 chips so we can change the breakdown for you if needed.

We also have $2.50 and $500 chips.  $2.50 chips are $2 each and 28 are available.  If you purchase a set of 500 chips you can buy five $500 chips for an additional $15.  If you would like to remove the stamp by yourself we will take $100 off the price of this set.

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  1. Robert (verified owner)

    This chips are great for any home game! They stack nicely, come in the perfect denominations, and the colors are extremely vibrant. Highly recommended.

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